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Today's ultra-slim TVs simply don't have the enclosure space necessary to fit good quality speakers and just fall short on expectations for audio performance. An external audio system is required for enjoying your favorite content, as sound helps create more of an emotional response in the audience than image alone!

Several options are available for enjoying premium audio, from basic soundbars to complex multiple speakers systems. 

The latest immersive audio technology such as Dolby Atmos which was originally created for cinema sound  is today a widespread technology for the home cinema environment as consumed over traditional TV broadcasts, Netflix, Amazon Prime video & Music, Apple TV+, etc. Dolby Atmos technology is designed to enhance conventional "channels" based surround formats by adding additional metadata to the digital audio signal of up to 118 sound "objects" which can move into a virtual 3D space.

The innovative Rio Atmos soundbar is a high precision 3D audio product for enhancing TV, Movies, Music, Gaming to the next level.

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